Thursday, March 22, 2012

FUCK NO: Markus Krunegård - Everybody Hurts [VIDEO]

We're nearly four months into the year and I guess we're due for our most beloved column. Unfortunately though, we're having to focus on a man whose music we used to defend. Long-time readers should be familiar with Markus Krunegård's former band Laakso, who Joey and I both adored. A fan since Laakso's debut EP, I cannot tell you how many people I've suggested them to, pass on songs, etc—because I found Laakso to have something more to say, lyrically and musically. Their second album My Gods was one of my favorites of the last decade.

His solo career though, has found him releasing rather emotionless bland pop music. You felt every Laakso record, like you were a part of each song. The music really pushed his typically very good lyrics into a sense of inclusion. Now, he just sings over the music, which has become so secondary he may as well release an a cappella album. I should clarify that it's getting the FUCK NO tag not because it's necessarily bad, but more because I just keep finding myself disappointed. It doesn't add anything—it's just there.

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