Friday, December 09, 2011

Colleen Green - Live on WMBR [ZIP/MP3]

03. Mike

Colleen Green was cool enough to play on the radio for my birthday this morning, wasn't that nice of her? She also played 2 new songs ("Only One" and "Darkest Eyes") which sounded real dank.

So I ripped the session after it wrapped, as a gift to myself. There was a lot of chatting not found in my edit, so if that's your thang you can find the whole thing somewhere in here. Enjoy yourself!


Unknown said...
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Jon B. said...

You can download the entire show or subscribe to my podcast here. Colleen starts at about 73 minutes into the Dec. 9 show. The file will disappear in a few weeks.

Jon B.

jobin said...

her lack of guitar skills is upsetting and she cant even come up with an original vocal rhythm i feel like i'm listing to a bad version of a ramones song with new shitty lyrics. i wanna be degraded, well she got her wish. hearing this makes me wanna write my own called i wanna die NOW! shes is attempting to ride on the fact that she looks indie, well idc u still suck and make my ears bleed.