Thursday, September 15, 2011

GO TEAM: Say My Name Triumphant


Say My Name returns with Say My Name 2, an album that finds the Kid utilizing a grandiose pallet of intentions and ideas that hit the mark every single time.

Each track tells a story unique to your imagination, bursting with back handed pimps, gash fountain babes and drugs that haven't even been invented yet... or at least that's what I hear. Honestly what is so fascinating about SMN's music is that it's entirely open to interpretation, but is so brilliant that even the biggest village idiot has boost towards "getting it".

Take for example two of the Kid's all-star collaborators on this LP: Kenneth Kupfer's long fingered, skull cane ladden artwork for the cover makes complete sense, as does Range Life Records honcho and not-frequently-enough FY!GT! contributor Zach Hangauer's Wonder Woman vs. injustice video for single "La Cygne" (available for viewing below). It's seriously worth investing in a project of Say My Name inspired art projects, but in the meantime it's beyond worth investing in Say My Name 2 - and you can September 20th when it's available for digital consumption.

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