Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your King Tuff (2 of 2)

King Tuff - Mindblow
01. Dancing on You
02. Lazerbeam
03. Black Zelda
04. Hands
05. Lady
06. Staircase of Diamonds
07. Connection
08. Neon Lights
09. A Pretty Dress
10. Stone Fox
11. She's on Fire
12. Fine Fine Legs
13. Dazzler
14. Ripper
15. So Desperate

"Mindblow" was a cd-r compiled in 2006 of old King Tuff material, pre-"Was Dead". Very out of print and even hard to find on the internet. Enjoy yourselves!

(PS. Could not find a decent size image of the cover art. It's included in the zip and mp3s, but I drew up a little something above if you get bugged by 100X100 files like I do. If you have a better size version please send it over and I'll put it up asap!).

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King Kung FU said...

Please upload this zip again!

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