Monday, April 26, 2010

GO TEAM: Panther!

MP3: White Flight - Panther

Those who are lucky enough to have any kind of working relationship with Range Life Records and it's main man Zach Hangauer were most likely hearing songs from White Flight's mythical "White Ark" sessions for years now.

I myself remember first hearing songs from it, including "Panther", on a train ride leaving Salt Lake City in 2007. So while Panther and the like are almost like old friends by this point, it's been kept in pockets like a big secret and anytime a passenger would catch a curious glimpse of it, you'd almost instantly have to reject their advances and move along to something else. And that made you feel really, really fucking cool.

So it is with mixed emotions that this single has been released. On the one hand, Panther is a hot track, perfect for any summer and everyone deserves to hear it. It's genius. Plus, the years leading to this release were not spent lying down: this single is the culmination of an insane amount of hard work and missed opportunities. On the other hand, I liked being part of a small society with these sessions. Sure, I've got "Princess Pentagon" and you don't, but "Panther" was our crown jewel.

In the end, of course I am so fucking pleased this exists and that I can help in any way to get people onto White Flight. I pushed the first record so hard and if White Ark ever does happen (which I hope it still does), I will send it to the galaxy.

Beat by RATATAT, swagger by White Flight. Enjoy "Panther" everybody, you deserve it.

Download the Panther single with an instrumental and a hot 1,000,000 Light Years remix from iTunes HERE.


Huntronik said...

this was indeed very cool. thanks for posting dude

Joey Gee said...

Glad you dig it nuder!