Friday, January 15, 2010

Aziz Ansari yo.

MP3: Aziz Ansari - Kanye West vs. Darwish

I leave you this weekend with something different: I like comedy (when it's actually funny of course) and I was lucky enough to get an advance of the cd and dvd of Aziz Ansari's new special "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening" (no vinyl advance, bummer I know) which premieres on Comedy Central this Sunday and hits stores on Tuesday. I like Aziz and was pretty excited for this and it totally delivers. It's mostly quick jokes about CVS or Craigslist or whatever which everyone can dig on but there are a couple of stories too like the mp3 I included today. Judge for yourself, but this blog is down. Watch this on Sunday and if you dig, go pick a copy up on Tuesday. Fuck yeah!

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