Thursday, December 03, 2009

Best Coast is the BEST

Best Coast - When I'm With You

Sorry for the week off, I'd moved and been without internet for like a month. So you may get a few posts of shit I loved but couldn't express it through my blog at the time and that you're probably over already. Like today!

Best Coast released a 7 inch (which looks to be only digital) single for "When I'm With You". If you read the comments to our coverage of BC in the past, everyone seemed to be over the lo-fi recording sound. At first I disagreed, because some songs really seemed charming like that, but eventually I caved. It wasn't just Best Coast, it was everyone. But I think this single is an answer to that and shows that this music only gets better with a little sprucing up on the recording end.

And holy shit, is "When I'm With You" the most perfect fucking song ever! The lyrics kick ass and it is a catchy number, embedded in my head since I'd first heard it and even right up to this minute. Highly recommended!

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