Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Best Song Ever: No More Hot Dogs

Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs

A friend at work burned a copy of "Out To Hunch" by Hasil Adkins for his own personal pleasure, but myself and some others managed to snag it and repeat it constantly.

"No More Hot Dogs" is the best song ever. This still should be a #1 pop hit single, and hopefully the world will one day evolve to make that happen, but in the meantime it's a hit on this blog. Make it happen.

Read up on Hasil, or the Haze, all you can. Learn how to do the Hunch, and to bird that thing. And watch "The Wild World Of Hasil Adkins" documentary which is up on Youtube for enjoyment. I've embetted all 3 parts for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

'out to hunch'!!! Well done.