Tuesday, February 03, 2009

VEGA: "Handsome fighters never lose a battle!"

VEGA - Well Known Pleasures
MP3: VEGA - All Too Vivid

According to a Google search, not only is Vega a Street Fighter character, but is also an extensively studied bright fucking star. I'm already learning from this post and I like that.

VEGA is also an artist from Austin, Texas which is arguably the best city in TX. His music is outer space large and beats vast in it's scope with some of the smoothest, casual, best friend vocals you can find on the planet. He also pops up on Miami Horror's "Bravado" ep, polishing an already non turd into a diamond. Yes, he's that magical.

I do have to wonder about the name choice. Is it because he is a pretty fighter from Spain who wears a mask so his face won't get ruined while fighting and had that one total Wolverine rip-off claw? Or is it because he's a bright star, blinding us with talent and pop genius? I could really take either, and maybe both.

Look out for this one duders. He's a keeper. The "All Too Vivid" 12 inch is coming soon and I can't wait. Let's star gaze for it together friends.

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