Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reviving with Abe Vigoda.

MP3: Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie

It's the make over nobody asked for: in less than year's time, Abe Vigoda return with their most defining and rewarding work yet, in an ep titled "Reviver". A strange title and concept, considering this is a band that sounded near fucking perfect on last year's "Skeleton", but when music gets changed up to something this good, there is no reason what so ever to complain.

This ep leaked hard, and it's a testament to this band's popularity when you can do a Google search to download the thing. That's great that they're highly in demand and enjoyed so much, they really deserve it. Abe Vigoda seems to work hard and have a blast in what they do, which is so goddamn rare to find in music these days. I hope that this ep and these dudes set the standard of the year in music and general niceness.

Thanks for the treat guys, we don't deserve it.

The "Reviver" ep sees release February 17th from Post Present Medium.

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