Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Midnight Movies

MP3: Midnight Movies - Nights In White Satin

Before receiving this wonderful ep, I was not very familiar with Midnight Movies beyond the name, but boy am I happy to know of them now. The "Nights" ep is as good an introduction as any I would think, right from the opening track that I've provided here titled "Nights In White Satin". It sounds like it's existed forever, birthed along with the Earth itself representing all that is great in the form of sound. For fans of the French language, Midnight Movies close things out with "Mes RĂªves De Satin", which is the song sung in French, proving these folks are a real class act. While doing research, I've seen the term "psychedelic pop" thrown around and I am going to adopt that here as well.

This release is digital only, though it looks like a vinyl of it is on the way, and it features 6 songs (2 of them remixes, one from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner and the other from ex-Smashing Pumpkin and current remix master James Iha), all fantastic. Super recommended.

The "Nights" ep is available now on all digital outlets from New Line Records.

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myron said...

The song hasn't existed forever, just about 40 years since first done by The Moody Blues. Nice cover, though.