Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Forest Family Cult

MP3: Cults - Go Outside
MP3: Cults - Most Wanted

Forest Family Records is a hot out of the oven label headed by the excellent folks at Gorilla vs Bear and Weekly Tape Deck and man they launching this sucker in style: the deservedly hyped Cults will release the "Go Outside" 7 inch on yellow wax later this April. It's limited to 400 and the label has been cool enough to provide the ENTIRE thing for download. So snag it, you won't regret it. Pre-order here and many congrats to our blog homies.


Huntronik said...

i just impulsively bought a copy based on the uniqueness of "go outside." i'm not going to listen to the b-side until it comes. i'm liking this song.

Joey Gee said...

The good news is you're gonna dig the b-side too. Glad you bought a copy, I can totally see this thing out of print and in demand very soon.